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My way to achieve goals

It’s year 2008. I make a decision to become a professional trainer and a coach. Everywhere I go, I hear that I must be crazy because there are already a whole lot of coaches out there! Back then, I decided on a few steps and I would like to share them with you now. Feel free to tag anyone who may need to read this.

1. I decide to attend the first coaching studies in Poland. I invest few dozen of Polish zlotys to pay the tuition. It’s a lot of money for me, so I deny myself some things make this investment happen.

2. I only share my goal with competent advisers. When my stepfather asks me what kind of studies I chose, I say ‚coaching’. ‚Coach what?’ he replies with amusement. I am not angry with him because I know that in his world, there is no room for such concepts. When one works as a miner, their biggest worry is to go outside alive at 3pm, rather than to wonder about realizing their full potential.

3. I am humble and patient. I share my competent knowledge and thus I gain people’s trust and recommendation. I reflect on how I can serve others best. I do not hope for an amazing carrier over the weekend. I know the price I have to pay for my own success.

4. I only teach what I know, not what’s popular. I rely on my knowledge and experience. Workshop participants recommend me to others.

Attendance grows constantly.

5. I choose my teachers wisely. They don’t have to be the most popular ones or the richest ones, as long as they have integrity.

6. When I attend a workshop, I give it my all. I make all the exercises and implement the knowledge I gained.

7. Instead of waiting for life to adapt to my needs, I adjust to different situations. When I’m pregnant and I have to be on bedrest, for three months, instead of being irritated that I can’t travel or to conquer the world, I make the best out of this situation. I write a book called ‚Build your life responsibly and boldly’

8. I practice what I preach. This makes people trust my credibility and follow it. At the same time it helps me value what I do.

Follow your goals. Step by step. You know best what’s good for you.

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